Jessica Biel Workout

Presenting the most complete visual walk through of the Jessica Biel Workout Routine.

The Jessica Biel Workout – Introduction

Jessica Biel is well known for being one of the fittest female celebrities in Hollywood, and there has been an increasing interest to find out more about the Jessica Biel Workout by women wanting to get into tiptop shape without looking too muscular. There are several components that make the Jessica Biel workout routine so effective, and we have done extensive research to provide you with detailed information and resources to help you duplicate her workout, or just take the parts that you may want to use in your own routine. In addition to exercises from the Jessica Biel workout, we also provide you with recommendations of other fitness programs and nutrition programs that explain in simple terms exactly what to do from start to finish to get the results and look like Jessica Biel.

So before we get to the exercises, you may be interested to know more about these step by step programs being offered online by highly qualified personal trainers, that walk you through the same exercise routines and diet plans they use with their high paying clients. Some of these programs are very comprehensive and the trainers disclose their best secrets which are usually reserved only for their private clients. For people who don’t have the knowledge of what to do but can’t hire a personal trainer, these online programs are increasing in popularity since it’s a great alternative for anyone to get professional insider information and guidance without the high expense. Another helpful bonus is that many of these programs have active online forums where you can get ongoing support and answers to any questions you have. By far, the best program available that shows you exactly how to get the same results as the Jessica Biel Workout is called Visual Impact for Women, and you can take a sneak peek here to see what it’s all about.

Jessica Biel Workout Refer

The Jessica Biel Workout – Overview

Although it may not fit into everyone’s schedule or budget, a luxury that many celebrities take advantage of is hiring the best personal trainers available. As shown by the increasing interest in the Jessica Biel Workout, this has brought more credibility and attention to celebrity workout routines. Jessica Biel works with Jason Walsh, a respected personal trainer who is known for shaping up professional athletes and celebrities. Jason has built a reputation for getting the celebrities into impressive shape in a short period of time when they are preparing to star in action movies, and he has received a lot of attention for the Jessica Biel Workout he designed.

His recommendations to maximize a workout is to get really comfortable with the basics such as how to do proper squats, proper crunches, and push-ups and pull-ups which he says are two of the best upper-body exercises. He highly recommends the basic push-up as a must-have exercise in your routine to develop toned arms, and advises to start gradually and increase as your strength improves. In many interviews Jason Walsh has been asked about the workout plan that he created for Jessica Biel, and he has agreed to share some insight into how to get a strong and lean physique. Read on to find all the juicy details.

The Jessica Biel Workout – Warm-up

Walking lunges are a key exercise in the Jessica Biel Workout. Jessica warms up with walking lunges to get the larger leg and glute muscles stretched out. Do three to four sets of 8 – 12 repetitions per leg as shown in the video below. For more of a challenge, there are variations of this exercise that Jessica will sometimes do, such as the walking lunge with a twist while holding some extra weight. An example using a ball or barbell is shown a bit futher down this page where we talk about compound exercises.

Jessica Biel Workout - Walking Lunges          Jessica Biel Workout - Walking Lunges medicine ball

Cardio + Cardio Interval Training – Jessica will then move on to cardio by jogging for half a mile. After that she’ll do some cardio interval training which is one of the main strategies used to lean her out. Interval Training is when you do a selected exercise with full energy for a short period of time to push past your normal heart zone and then slow down or take a short rest to catch your breath, and then repeat the sequence. This method leans out your body by burning fat, because interval training raises your metabolism dramatically so you burn a very high number of calories in a short period of time and continue to burn calories long after the workout is over. The Jessica Biel Workout includes 6 sprints with about 1 minute of rest between each sprint. First Jessica will do two sets of 200-meter sprints, then two sets of 150-meter sprints, and finally two sets of 100-meter sprints.

jessica biel workout - sprints

Hanging leg raises – The next thing in the workout routine is hanging leg raises, which help to get those toned Jessica Biel abs. This should be done in a smooth, controlled motion that lasts about 3 seconds, moving your legs upward and downward at the same pace. Try not to let your body swing too much. 

If you find it too difficult to do this exercise with your legs straight, then you can alter your form by bending your knees when raising your legs. Technically, you’ll then be doing what are called Hanging Knee raises.

As demonstrated by the next video, this can essentially be done from anywhere you can hold on to and hang from.

If you are just starting to build strength and find it too difficult to hang, below is an alternate method to perform hanging leg or knee raises using an aparatus that helps support more of your body weight.

This type of exercise is effective to flatten the stomach without getting a six pack. Jessica Biel’s Workout is well suited for women who prefer not to build too much muscle definition in their abs in favor of having a strong and firm yet feminine stomach, and these types of exercises produce those results. Walsh has shared that Jessica hates this exercise, as well as several others that she has admitted to hating while doing them, such as the Plyometric stair jumping mentioned in the next section. She pushes through them though because they are so effective and it is all worth the effort in the end. This can serve as encouragement for you to know that even for Jessica, who is in such great shape, there are still challenges to attain and maintain her physique. So the next time you find yourself struggling through a certain exercise; you can remind yourself that even others who are really fit still find it challenging at times; the challenge is often just a part of the process.  That’s what gives the sense of accomplishment and separates the people who are in great shape from those who are not. Many people see the great shape that Jessica Biel is in but don’t realize the effort and hard work she puts in to getting and staying that way.

 The Jessica Biel Workout – Plyometric Training

Plyometric training involves high intensity exercises with powerful movements that use the strength and flexibility of the muscle, and this develops greater force and increases your speed, agility, strength, and balance. Plyometric movements, where a muscle is loaded and then contracted in an explosive manner as in a vertical jump, usually require you to put a large amount of strain on your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system, and are often used for the purpose of improving power and performance in sports. These exercises largely contribute to making the Jessica Biel Workout routine so effective. As previously mentioned, Jessica has admitted to hating these types of exercises while performing them, but loving the results she gets from them afterwards. Here are some plyometric exercises that are used to tighten up the legs and core muscles.

Plyometric stair jumping; “These hurt,” says Walsh, “Even athletes hate them. After Jessica did these the first time, she would’ve punched me if she had the energy.”

Instructions: Standing at the bottom of stairs, feet beside each other, jump up to the second step by skipping the first stair, and keep going along this pattern of skipping a stair each jump. Eventually, as your strength and skill increase, you can add the amount of stairs you jump over, going to 2 or 3 stairs skipped for each jump.

 Jessica Biel Workout

If no stairs are available or you are concerned about falling, a substitute type of exercise, called the plyometric box jump, can be performed by jumping up and down off of any type of raised platform while keeping both feet side by side.

You can raise or lower the platform height to increase or decrease the intensity level of this exercise. While the previous video showed a low platform, the next video shows a raised version.

 Plyometric jumping Squats

A plyometric jumping squat is essentially a standing jump that begins and ends in a squat position.

Instructions: Starting in a squat position, use a burst of power to leap straight up into the air, then land back into a squat position. Do 2 – 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Example 1:

Example 2:

You’ll notice that a lot of the Jessica Biel Workout is comprised of compound exercises, which involve the movement of several muscle groups at the same time, moving two or more joints through a range of motion. For example she will hold a medicine ball while doing walking lunges with a twist, which incorporates the upper body into this lower body exercise.

 As seen in the following picture, Jessica will sometimes do the walking lunge with a twist while holding a 10 pound barbell overhead.

Jessica Biel Workout


This is very beneficial for overall body strength since more muscles work together to support each other and to balance out the load. One of the great advantages of compound exercises is that they work-out 3 or 4 muscle groups simultaneously; which results in fewer exercises required to get a full-body workout that builds muscle and strengthens the body as a whole. The use of compound exercises also means Jessica can get her workout completed in a shorter period of time as compared to a workout largely comprised of isolation exercises.

Isolation exercises differ from compound exercises in the way that they usually focus on only a single muscle group, moving a single joint through its range of motion. Examples include the bicep curl which only involves the elbow, or the leg extension which only moves the knee. They’re called “isolation” exercises because they put the majority of stress on a single, isolated muscle, which is advantageous to target and get a bit more bulk or strength in that specific muscle. So in addition to compound exercises utilized to work the majority of her muscles, the Jessica Biel Workout also uses Isolation exercises to isolate body parts where Jessica wants to bring out definition, for example on her arms or shoulders, as explained in the next section about weight training.

The Jessica Biel Workout – Weight Training

Weight Training is another essential part of Jessica Biel’s workout routine. Jason Walsh has Jessica go through circuit training, which comprises a selection of strength exercises that are completed one after another as a series. Walsh says, “We tend to use lighter weights and do more reps, and we keep moving, so it becomes a cardio workout, too.”

Using lighter weights and doing more reps is another key strategy. This is what keeps Jessica’s muscles lean and toned and helps maintain a more feminine physique as compared to developing a bulky, more masculine look by using heavier weights and less reps.

Additional Exercises used in the Jessica Biel Workout:


Waist Exercise – Jessica does Seated Russian Twists holding a five-pound medicine ball.

Instructions: Sitting down and leaning back slightly with legs raised off the floor, twist from left to right reaching for each side 15 times, and do a total of three sets.

Biceps and Shoulders Exercise:

Instructions: Stand with knees slightly bent. Hold 10-pound dumbbells in each hand. Do a bicep curl and then rotate your hands so your palms face outward, and do a Dumbbell Press by raising the weights above your head. Then reverse the move until you’re back to the starting position. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

Jessica Biel Workout - bicep curlJessica Biel Workout - Shoulder Press

Jessica Biel Workout – Conclusion

So in review, some of the main strategies that make the Jessica Biel Workout so effective are the use of interval training, Plyometric exercises, and weight training exercises using lighter weights with more reps performed in a circuit. Compound Exercises are also useful to give an overall natural and fit looking physique by simultaneously working multiple muscle groups, and isolation exercises help to target and create definition in specific areas.

While we have presented many of the exercises used in Jessica Biel’s Workout Routine, there are several alternate exercises that can be used to change up the routine from time to time. The options are too numerous to mention, so unless you already have experience planning your own workout routines, you may want to get the input of a personal trainer to provide variations on these exercises. If that is currently not an option for you, then a great alternative is a program like Visual Impact for Women. This program provides detailed instructions of great exercises used in the Jessica Biel Workout, guides you through how to put together the perfect routine for your personal goals, and gives you diet and nutrition tips to keep you healthy while burning fat. If you like what you’ve read here and want to expand on how to build an exercise plan like the Jessica Biel Workout, then you will really be pleased with the information in the Visual Impact for women program. It clearly explains the techniques used by Jessica Biel to shape and strengthen her body into the condition it is in, which you can take and apply to your own workout to get the same awesome results. Click on the picture below for more info.

Jessica Biel Workout

Additional Note: The Jessica Biel Workout Diet Plan

Anyone who is serious about getting into shape and puts a lot of effort into exercising knows that a proper diet plan will really increase their success. To look and feel her best, a healthy diet is an essential part of Jessica’s fitness routine. If you are interested in learning more about the diet and nutrition practices used by Jessica Biel, you can find more info here; Jessica Biel Diet – Tips and Resources.

Thank you for visiting Please check back with us for more upcoming info about the Jessica Biel Workout and diet, and we hope that you’ve found some useful information that will help you with your own workout routine.

To your health and success,

- The Jessica Biel Workout Team.


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Jessica Biel Diet – Tips and Resources

Jessica Biel Diet – Tips and Resources

To maintain her outstanding physical condition, Jessica is as equally dedicated about her nutrition plan as she is with her exercise training. The Jessica Biel Diet follows a healthy diet plan for 6 days a week, and one day a week she will indulge in her favorite foods. “When I’m working and I eat healthy all week, I then give myself one day where I just eat what I want. You have to, otherwise your mind goes a little nutso” she said. Indulging can actually help you stick to the diet plan, since a small splurge can offset the desire for a bigger binge later. One important key to the Jessica Biel diet is for her to keep indulgence in moderation so she doesn’t undo all the progress she made from working out. For the most part, instead of junk food she’ll eat natural or organic food. It’s all about the choices you make; she will choose non processed foods which go a long way for staying lean by decreasing bad fat intake. If you want to learn the best and easiest way to create healthy meal plans with natural and organic food choices, a great resource is The Diet Solution Program.


Diet Plan - Jessica Biel Workout


The Jessica Biel diet plan

Meal options

Jessica maintains her lean physique by eating a varied diet of complex carbohydrates, here is a sample of some of her diet plan choices:

Healthy breakfast options:
Oatmeal with a handful of berries or apples mixed with cinnamon
Whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of almond butter.
Eggs for protein; typically one egg with three egg whites.

Healthy lunch options:
Vitamin-rich salad that includes spinach, asparagus and broccoli, with a light dressing such as lemon and olive oil or vinaigrette. A 5 -6 oz portion of chicken can be added for protein. Many people will have a salad in an effort to be healthy, but where they tend to go wrong is they’ll load on dressing that is high in hidden fat, which defeats the benefits of the salad. When they don’t lose weight they can’t figure out why. Since the unhealthy fats are found in most salad dressings, it’s important to use a lite, natural dressing.

Healthy dinner options:
Fish – Great source of healthy Omega-3
Basmati rice

Healthy snack options:
Fruits like bananas, apples, and strawberries.
Nuts and seeds

Meal Timing and Frequency

Another important strategy used in Jessica Biel’s Diet is meal timing and frequency. Having 5 – 6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 larger meals is the key to keeping her metabolism raised and working on burning fat all day. It is a popular strategy amongst professional trainers that is highly used to keep models and fitness models lean and photo ready at all times. The resulting effect of strategic meal timing combined with the right food choices is a fast metabolism that turns your body into a fat burning machine.

If you want to find out more information on meal timing and frequency, then Burn the Fat by Tom Venuto is the best resource that we’ve come across. This is a fantastic program that provides a comprehensive look into the nutrition secrets used by Jessica Biel. You can find it here.

Jessica Biel Diet

Being that diet plans can go into great detail, we just wanted to provide some starter tips for those looking to get going quickly. The Diet Solution Program offers fantastic meal plans and recipes to maintain a really healthy lifestyle, and Burn the Fat provides top rate nutrition information if you need help to quickly burn off stubborn unwanted fat permanently.

Thanks for checking out this post, and check back with us for more Jessica Biel Diet and Fitness tips.

To your health and success,

- The Jessica Biel Workout Team



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Jessica Biel Body

The Jessica Biel Body


Whatever your body goals are, there is a workout routine that can be designed to get you there. This can be empowering, but can also be really confusing if you don’t know the right exercises to do. Different workout routines will bring different results such as a muscular body, a lean and ripped body, or simply a fit and firm body. To get a Jessica Biel body requires an exercise routine that tones and strengthens the body without adding too much muscle mass or becoming too ripped. Below you will find an overview of the types of exercises to include in your workout routine to get a body like Jessica Biel. To learn all the details from start to finish about how to get a fit and firm Jessica Biel body, we recommend a super workout program by Rusty Moore called ‘Visual Impact for Women’. Click on the box below to check out a free and informative video presentation about this program.


Visual Impact Video


Types of exercises to get the Jessica Biel Body

Interval Training - This strategy boosts your metabolism and burns fat, and is accomplished by doing several sets of exercise with a high amount of energy for a small amount of time, using a short break to recover between each set. One example is to perform several sprints, with about 45 seconds to 1 minute of rest in between each sprint. This technique can also be accomplished on a treadmill, elliptical, or bike by increasing your speed to get your heart rate up to your target, and then decreasing your speed to catch your breath. This is essentially simulating what it would be like to go up and down a series of hills, where you use a lot of energy to get up the hill, and then catch your breath as you go down. So on a bike for example, you can go hard for several minutes simulating a climb up a hill, and then slow down to allow your body to recover as if you are going down the hill. The length of the up and down intervals can be adjusted to match your fitness level.

Plyometric Exercise – This strategy uses powerful bursts of energy by loading a muscle and then contracting it, as you would when performing a vertical jump. Some examples of this type of exercise are jumping squats, stair jumps or box jumps. Please see our post titled Jessica Biel Workout for video demonstrations of these exercises.

Weight training and Circuit training – This includes exercises that use free weights, as well as exercises that utilize natural body weight such as push ups and pull ups. The approach to take would be to use lighter weights and perform a higher amount of reps, which produces a firm and defined appearance.  Another effective way to use weight training to burn more fat is to set up a circuit where you are doing a series of different exercises back to back. This will increase your heart rate, making it an aerobic exercise as well.

Compound Exercises – These are effective exercises that involve the movement of multiple muscle groups at the same time, giving the physique a well-proportioned appearance by distributing the weight throughout several muscle groups. An example of a compound exercise from the Jessica Biel Workout is the walking lunge with a twist while holding a 10 pound barbell overhead. Essentially it is a walking lunge, with the addition of holding a barbell above your head and twisting to the side after each lunge step.


Jessica Biel body


Isolation Exercises – Isolation exercises mostly target a single muscle while only moving one joint. These are very commonly used exercises such as bicep curls and the shoulder press. These are effective for targeting a specific muscle that you want to focus on.


As a result of performing these kinds of exercises you get a natural looking, strong physique. Jessica Biel’s body looks toned, fit and strong while still having a feminine look that is not too ripped or too bulky.

Visit Jessica Biel Workout to get more examples, video tutorials, and diet tips on how to get a Jessica Biel body.

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